Actor Photoshoot

Actor scaled

It’s been a while since I posted on the blog, mostly because of lockdown happening in March obviously had a serious negative impact on the media industry. That being said I have had plenty of editing to keep me occupied. I always enjoy writing about new experiences and I thought this Photoshoot was definitely Blogworthy.

I was approached by friend and performer David Raven to take some headshots for him. Although I have done a lot of Photography in the past I always sell myself as a Videographer and Producer and wouldn’t normally take on a job such as this.

Although videography and stills photography have a lot in common, they are still very different disciplines. Even though the skills are transferable from one to another I believe in the professional market place people tend to market themselves as being one or the other.

However, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of making these photographs, from the research stage, looking for inspiration and then the directing during the photo session right through to the selection and editing process.

Although videography is my speciality, it’s nice to know I can offer some stills photography if requested by a client. Please take a look at David Raven’s page on Mandy if interested in hiring him: