360-Degree Video @ London Zoo

zoo  scaled
Post Production

I’m sharing a 360-degree video I did the post-production on to celebrate the recent launch of the all-new documentary series London Zoo: An Extraordinary Year.

Filmed inside the ZSL London Zoo animal enclosures, the viewer can use their mouse to look around in every direction. You can also use a VR Headset with your smartphone or similar for a fully immersive experience. If you are looking at the video on your mobile phone, click on the video title and then allow the video to open in the Youtube app.

It is nice to work on something interesting such as a 360-degree video, and I hope with this experience to offer more to people. I certainly have a very good understanding of how to position graphics within a 3D environment for these immersive videos. Perhaps a 360 video for your business would be a great way to connect with potential customers? If so get in touch via the contact page.

Also as a video editor and producer, it is always nice to work on something you are interested in. Zoology has always fascinated me since my father has spent most of his life exploring the world seeing many different animals and birds. It reminds me of the father-son trip we took together to Svalbard in the Arctic circle where we made a documentary. The film includes close encounters with Polar bears, Walrus, Beluga Whales as well as some beautiful scenery. If you would like to watch that documentary it is only 1 hour long, you can view it here:

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