Pets & Friends


It was a great experience to edit videos for such a fun campaign for the launch of Pets & Friends with Formidable media. They are a new online shop for pet products in the UK.

This fun video features many different animals filmed against a green screen that required compositing in Adobe After Effects to add the various colourful backgrounds. Various text graphics and the animated bouncing ball we’re needed to be made in Adobe After Effects as well as multiple different videos were made for different purposes. For example, short 15sec vertical videos for Instagram stories, as well as square videos for Facebook. This main full-length video gives a sense of the campaign as a whole.

Perhaps if you are thinking of video content to help launch your campaign, think about different lengths of videos and aspect ratios for different platforms and the messages you want to convey. I am always available for any free advice on the matter. Having a variety of different types of content for various social media platforms will help maximise your company’s visibility and potential customer engagement.

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