David Beckham Video – FIFA21


I was very pleased with how I edited this exciting FIFA21 video for David Beckham‘s Studio99 & Formidable Media.

Filmed at the Inter Miami CF Stadium is a soccer stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The 19,000-seat stadium has a huge screen on which David Beckham watched the videos of his famous goals recreated in the video game FIFA 21 by pro gamers. It has had a great response and reaction from the target audience that have viewed it.

I edited different versions of the video to be shared by David Beckham, FIFA and the gaming esports organisation Guild. for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

The video shared by David Beckham’s Facebook page received over 94,000 likes and over 1,000 positive comments and on his Instagram was shared to over 65Million followers with over 275,000 likes.

I have always enjoyed making videos that involve gaming content edited with real-life reactions and I think this particular video demonstrates an epic way to make such compelling content. The modern, exciting music really helps with establishing the tone and excitement and holds the viewers’ attention throughout. The colours of the setting sun make for a beautiful backdrop.

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